30 Mar 2011

OMG shoes!

In case you haven't heard:

American Duchess says:

Introducing the "Georgiana" 18th Century Shoes by American Duchess

Image copyright of American Duchess

Pre-ordering will start April 1. Do I need to say more? No, but see what the amazing Lauren Reeser a k a American Duchess has to say:

Official blog post

Official website

23 Mar 2011

Lust & Vice - get Lust & Vice tomorrow!

...if you are lucky enough to be in Stockholm by then.

Lust & Last is the Swedish name for the new exhibition at the National Museum in Stockholm. In three rooms, over 200 works show how virtue, sexuality, sin and lust have been depicted by Swedish and international artists from the 16th century to present day (a friend of a friend is represented, which is super fun).

Apparently, one wall in one room is entirely dedicated to women's behinds and, yes! They to have one of those double portraits where one finds you face to face with a lovely nun, while the other... You figure.

Good Nun
(click the image for Bad Nun)
Kneeling nun, verso. Martin van Meytens the younger.
© Erik Cornelius / Nationalmuseum 2007

Link to the English presentation of the exhibition Lust & Vice (note: artistic nekkidness galore - may be NSFW depending).

I haven't been to the National Museum in ages despite many interesting past events there so I really must take this exhibition as an excuse to go as soon as time and leisure permits.

This post could also mark my return as a blogger of sorts. I have not given up on costumes and related goodness, but the whole of Autumn and Winter I just couldn't find anything interesting to tell. That's all. I hope someone still remembers me (I have been reading your blogs and journals, just been on silenced mode while doing so...)