28 Aug 2014

Regency ball in Stockholm, my newest gown and the pictures that were taken

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a regency themed ball here in Stockholm. The group that arranged it is almost entirely focused on dancing, and since I don't dance I wasn't sure if I was going to attend. But the temptation that was being able to wear 'something regency' for once became too big so I decided to go.

And I'm so glad I did! The evening consisted almost 100 % of dancing, but I included myself into a small group of friends and acquaintances (among those fair Elisa and lovely Mamsell K.) that wasn't too keen on dancing and we had a lovely evening. since the dancing took place in the main house, we had a small wing almost to ourselves and we played cards, talked, laughed and ate and drank all night long. I had a blast!

And I had a new gown. The inspiration was this 1814 fashion plate from Incroyables et Merveilleuses de 1814:

And my version:

The gown was made from plain cotton. The trims are some vintage gifts and thrift finds and probably rayon or some other man-made material.

I was ready so early and made my husband take some pictures around the old manor house near where we live.

I hardly took any pictures of the event, though, which I should have now that I look back. But it was a fun night all the same!

31 Jan 2014

Meet my friend!

Althoug I hadn´t planned to actively updtae this blog much, I felt I had to stop by and give a shout-out to my very, very talented friend miss E. who just launched her own blog (waaay overdue, if you ask me ;) ).

This young lady is crazy talented and I'm lucky anough to know her in person since we frequent the same historical events here in Sweden. I have repeatedly used her photos from events in my blog posts since she's very active with the camera, which I'm grateful for!

Here is a picture I took of her and our mutual friend miss G. at the grand Oscarian ball here in Stockholm last week,

but if you head over to Anno 1776 you'll see more and better pictures from this fantastic event (and yours truly will be present in one of them, although from the back!), not least of this young lady's fantastic version of a very famous Worth gown.

Have fun!