23 Sept 2013

Moving along...

Well, I think the time has come to realize that this blog is pretty much defunct and should be regarded as some sort of archive rather than an actual blog!

I still read many costuming blogs (and I would like to find more, so let me know if you think I should follow you!) and I still make costumes, but a blog doesn't seem to be the best way of documenting those processes for me.

So I became the last person on Earth to get Instagram a few days ago! I will try to use it mainly as a mean to document my sewing, costumes and relevant events related to those (and the occasional cat, of course) and being very new to Instagram I would love to find other costumers to follow there!

I hope to see you at Instagram in the future!

Mme_b on Instagram!

P.S. I'm also spending way too much time in the endless abyss that is Pinterest!