23 Sept 2013

Moving along...

Well, I think the time has come to realize that this blog is pretty much defunct and should be regarded as some sort of archive rather than an actual blog!

I still read many costuming blogs (and I would like to find more, so let me know if you think I should follow you!) and I still make costumes, but a blog doesn't seem to be the best way of documenting those processes for me.

So I became the last person on Earth to get Instagram a few days ago! I will try to use it mainly as a mean to document my sewing, costumes and relevant events related to those (and the occasional cat, of course) and being very new to Instagram I would love to find other costumers to follow there!

I hope to see you at Instagram in the future!

Mme_b on Instagram!

P.S. I'm also spending way too much time in the endless abyss that is Pinterest!


  1. Hi :) I have read your blog for about two years but haven`t posted any comment yet. Now I added your Instagram to my favourites (I still don`t have an account there :D )

    If you want, here is my blog. It is not only (poor & little) costuming, but rather about the everyday life from 1770s to 1870s.
    And here is the list of all of the costuming blogs in Poland. We have already started it, so we are all the begginners :)

    Take care!

  2. Oh such pity! I always enjoyed your posts so much! They were always highly interesting and some gave me a good chuckle...and I miss the cat :)
    Nevertheless, see you at pinterest and other sites!


  3. Hello! I will miss your posts. You are not the last person on instagram. I haven't not been courted by that venue yet... I am a facebook, blog and Pinterest person. However, please, if you are not already following me on my blog to sign up. Are you on FB? I would love to friend you there to keep abreast of your sewing happenings. Best wishes in any case and keep on doing what we all love! Sewing and creating. Cheers http://www.lachatelainechocolat.blogspot.com/

  4. I just realized I hadn't seen your blog posts in awhile so now I know why.
    My cat Chloe says hi. I work her way too hard making my costumes. http://timetravelingincostume.blogspot.com/
    I'm not on Instagram but never say never.