6 Aug 2012

Portraits of me!

Oh my - I have had my portrait taken for the first time in... say, 15 years or so?

Portraits taken by a professional photographer, that is!

It all started a couple of months ago, when a photographer by the name of Theres Beswick of Pippihuset Studio asked for volunteers for a project on Gustaf Skål's Facebook group page (she wanted models in 18th century attire).

She described the project on her blog, and it immediately caught my attention.

Long story short - we got in touch, and I went to her lovely studio one rainy day and watched the magic happen..!

Theres's method for taking these portraits (mine was only one of many for a future series of this kind of portrait) was fascinating. The frame is a projection on a brown canvas with a wrinkled, cracked surface, which I stepped into and stood absolutely still for a few seconds while Therese "painted" me with a flash light. The picture was then taken with self timer and a long exposure.

The results are below - no Photshop whatsoever involved!

© Theres Beswick, Pippihuset

© Theres Beswick, Pippihuset

I'm not very photogenic but I think these turned out very well - thanks to Theres, of course! She has graciously allowed me to share these two here, for which I am truly grateful.

And attention, costumers in Stockholm: Theres is still looking for models, especially men in 18th century costume, so get in touch with her if you are so inclined!


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! What an interesting technique to take a photo!!! I hope we get to see more of this amazing project.
    And btw, you look stunning!!!


  2. Vilka fina foton, allra helst det där första.

    Kommer man att kunna se de andra porträtten någonstans, tror du?

  3. You look wonderful! I read about the project- perhaps I should volonteer as well. :)

  4. You look stunning it these! What a cool project!

  5. What a great project to be a part of. Thanks for sharing!

  6. These portraits are amazing and you are truly stunning!

  7. Madam,

    Where you by any chance in Lumsdale in Derby around 1722. I have a strong feeling that I once saw a woman buying cloth in a store there, one that looked just like you.

    What an odd coincidence, indeed, that would be.


  8. You ARE photogenic, and look lovely madam! This is a great project! I would love a pro portrait like this!

  9. The portraits are lovely, and as I have always enjoyed your blog I thought I would give you one more award for your well-deserved collection. I've awarded you an Inspiring Blogger Award (http://olympesdiary.blogspot.com/2013/05/inspiring-blogger-award.html). Thank you for the always interesting posts!

  10. This technique is gorgeous! It is amazing what technology can do. This could easily pass as a portrait to an untrained eye.

    ~Miss Littlefield