26 Jul 2012

1912 Jubilee Marathon

July 14 was not only National Day of France, but also the date for Stockholm Jubilee Marathon - exactly 100 years since the Marathon of the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm (I do believe there's something similar going on in London right now..? That's about how interested I am in the Olympics!).

While a Marathon usually isn't my cup of tea (not as a spectator and definitely not as a participant!), I and about 20 other enthusiasts volunteered as 1912 spectators to give the Marathon a bit of historic colour - fun!

Not arrested! The police asked to have their pictures taken with us..! My step daughter Ellinor and me, 4th and 5th from left.
Inside the Stockholm Stadium, built for the Summer Olympics in 1912 - many great hats were seen!
The stadium in 1912 (image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).
And we made headlines!
Well... Not exactly, but we made it into two newspapers:

Not bad at all (except for the fact that my hair had collapsed at this point - windy day - but there we are)!

My gown and Ellinors things were made on a minimal budget - almost everything was made from things we already had. My gown, for example - a tablecloth. Ellinors skirt - a wool scrap for a spencer that never came to be. My hat was bought a long time ago and was intended for 18th century purposes, and still is - it's a good thing hat trim is easily added and removed!

The following pictures are (as usual) borrowed from the amazing Caroline E.:
Near the finish line...

NOT picking my nose! I think?
My gown was rather rushed and there are things I should have worked more on - the overdress should've been more attached to the foundation dress to prevent flaring, for example...

...as you can see here:
Then again, I wasn't aiming at 100% historical accuracy anyway. As I mentioned, the gown was made from a tablecloth (I'm moving up from curtains!) so it was more a case of: "What kind of gown can I make from this tablecloth?" than "What kind of gown do I want to make?".

After a long but fun day we were treated to dinner and drinks. My feet were very, very sore - but it's usually worth it, isn't it?


  1. Lovely pics! I wish I could have joined you!

  2. Bravo! You all lent an elegant air to the day.

    Hard to believe that your skirt was made from a tablecloth. The drape and trim look right in the photos...sure, there were fly-aways, but I've seen period photos where women's skirts were doing something similar...especially those tabard-like thingies.

    Very best,


  3. Vad fina ni är!

  4. You all looked great! Cheers!