18 Jul 2012

An (almost) finished gown..!

Do you remember the 1790s gown I never finished back in February? The one that didn't get any sleeves (if you do remember - wow!)?

Well, I'm happy to tell you that it has sleeves now. In a completely different fabric, of course, since the problem was that I hadn't accounted for sleeves with the original fabric.

Anyway, the finished sleeves are made up with sheer cotton so it doesn't look to bad with the gown after all!

I asked my husband to take some pictures from our balcony one evening - please forgive the messy hair!

Our English park is lovely this time of the year...

Am I acting natural enough?

Oooh, a daisy!

No full-front picture? you ask.

Sorry - that's just my vanity speaking, I simply looked too dorky in those! I hope to have better pictures taken when I finally wear this gown to an event.

Aaaand that's also when I - hopefully - have made the final touches on the poor thing. I simply must finish my things under a deadline, it seems.

What to do: You can hint a piece of ugly, pink ribbon in the first picture - it has to be replaced with something... white. I also have to add a closure, with a thread button and loop, perhaps. I had planned to pin the gown shut but it's to much stress on the very sheer fabric.

Oh, one last picture! I thought the sleeves looked a little boring, so I did this on the hem:
Mad embroidery skills, I tell you!


  1. Beautiful dress!!! Made for a summer's leisure walk through a garden (or park)...if only the weather in Nothern Europe would finally agree and shower us with sunshine instead of rain.
    I do love the sheer sleeves with the emroidery. The first picture looks very charming and it took me quite a while to figure out where that mentioned pink ribbon is...lol!
    Looking forward to seeing more pictures :)


  2. Aw, thank you! That is such a lovely compliment, coming from you!

    And let's not get started on the weather... Rain and thunder today. Probably tomorrow, too, and the day after that. And so on!

  3. It's beautiful, and if I didn't know about the sleeves, I wouldn't know about the sleeves! They look wonderful.

  4. That's not bad actually -- you could probably get away with wearing that around town and no one would make jokes about Halloween or anything!

  5. Your dress looks great! What a beautiful fabric! I like your work very much!

  6. Great Job! It feels really good to re-take on a project that is not done and finally bring it to fruition. Cheers.

  7. This is such a lovely stitch. Does anyone know of an online tutorial to show how it was made?