7 Sep 2010

Looking at pictures

Well hallo there! Remember me?

No, not quite dead but I have been feeling more than a little bit low lately. Nothing serious, but it doesn't make for very interesting posts either.

So let's just look at some very nice paintings and portraits, 'k? I always forget that the auction houses put up such great and HUGE images of their goodies online - in fact, better than many digitized museum collections!

Let's start with Bukowskis (and clicky, clicky for HUGE!):

Duke Karl of Sudermannia

(yup, that's a Roslin!)

Pehr Hilleström was Boucher's pupil, if you wonder why this painting looks so familiar...



  1. Ja, auktionsverken är väldigt frikostiga med bilder och det är trevligt.

    Mer porträtt åt folket!

  2. I would like most of them up on my walls!

  3. I would settle for one on my walls! Love them, great selection!

  4. Hello from neighboring Finland! Missed this blog and so many thanks for the beautiful portraits in this post!!!

  5. Do you know from which country picture is with the girls slaughtering the chickens? It is always so intersting to see workingclass people!
    And I want the embroideryframe of the lady in blue ;)
    Thank you so much for posting!

    Greetings from Germany

  6. Hi Cécile!

    I'm sorry, but I don't know where the chick painting is from. I looked through so many pages of the auction site so it would be impossible to find it again, I'm afraid.