30 Jan 2012

Out for a spin

Guess what I and five other lovely ladies from the Swedish 19th Century Society did last Saturday?


Such a luxury, but I haven't taken a ride in a horse-drawn carriage since I was a child, I think. Totally worth the expense!

We had planned for a sleigh ride, but there wasn't enough snow so we had to settle for wheels instead. Didn't matter!

To the right you see my friend Helena, who graciously
let me borrow some of these pictures to post here. She took the initiative
to start the Swedish 19th century society last year and invited me to help out
a bit so I made the society's web page which you can check out, although it's
only in Swedish for now.  We're also on Facebook.
My curls straightened faster than you could say "jinglebells".
By my side is Caroline who takes many of the pictures I put on this blog nowadays... Thank you, dearest.

I made a few new things to wear for the event but I'll have to leave it for another post. I had to wash the gown afterwards and now it needs a good ironing.

Natalie outside the tiny café where we warmed up.
It was a chilly ride but we went for hot chocolate (by a fireside!) afterwards.

I really want to do this again. We saw two wolves! Okay, wolves in captivity, but still...


  1. Ooh, looks like you haad a lovely time! Now I want to go for a carriage ride.

  2. You should, if you can! It makes you giggly and very, very happy!

  3. I am officially the most jealous of you EVER. Costumed sleigh ride? Sleigh being pulled by adorable fjords? GAH!

  4. Oh, oh, oh! What a dream, even if on wheels. Despite so little snow, it looks very cold, so good thing for the furs. Plus the fire. How warm it looks behind its glass.

    Very best,


  5. Lauren: I love fjords too! Such sturdy and sweet little horses :D

    Natalie: Yes, the furs and the heavy blankets they provided us with was a good thing indeed! And the fire was just the icing on the cake. I had never been to that cafe and didn't know they had a working fireplace. Some days are just very, very kind to one!

  6. Oooh, that looks like so much fun! :D Love the horses, too! Cute ones!

  7. ENVIOUS! But when I shall find time to make some 19th century I don't know...

  8. Isis: I know, I know... Why can't we make ALL the clothes?

    SHM: It was. Now I want to do it in the Summer too...

  9. Looks like fun. I want to start a 19th century group in my city. Any advice on how to find people to do that with. I only have one friend really into costuming and one aquaintence.

  10. Hello wandabvictorian! Well, you can think what you will about Facebook, but its a great way to spread the word and make new acquaintances in a casual way. So a facegroup page for your group (no need to tell anyone you're only two persons in it yet...)is a good start, especially in lieu of an actual website.
    If you and your friend had a little event for only the two of you and showed yourself among the good people of your town (and do tip off the local paper!), I'm sure tons of people would approach you and ask what you're doing and how they could join. Direct them to your facebook page and let the good times begin!

  11. Facebook page...that might be a start. I'm not too sure about the papers. That seems a bit daring for two people to claim they are a news worthy group!