21 Apr 2009

Ball at Nyckelviken

I can't believe that this event is already over and behind me! I spent last week panic-sewing to get everything ready and suddenly it was Saturday, the day for the event, and - Bang! It was over just like that!

Which, of course, means that is was a lovely, fantastic event: you're having a really good time when eight hours fly away like mere minutes.

Yay, a wonderful time I had. There were lots of nice people to meet, both newcomers and old-timers (even a small party who'd come all the way from Germany honoured the event with their presence AND I met Anna, the shoe-making Goddess in person!). Add to that good food and drinks, entertainment, dancing and games and you have just been to a great party.

I could go on and on, but I won't. Instead I'll post a link to a few photos from the event that are up on Slottsfrun's website.

I'll even post a picture of myself because - let's face it - this blog is all about ME ME ME!

Courtesy of Marie Weinefalk
Behind me you can see a part of the lovely 18th century house where we spent most of the time (and one of several pesky, party-crashing Canada Geese. Tsk-tsk - those didn't even exist in Sweden in the 18th century!)

I'm standing in this not-so-natural pose because I'm hiding an anachronistic camera and anachronistic cigarettes behind my back! I'm wearing the accursed IKEA robe and the wig I styled myself. The seams of the robe did not rip, and the wig stayed on my head all night so overall I'm quite pleased.

I'll try to make up for the lack of new posts this week. I was planning to post a little about the information I've been able to gather concerning my fan, and our dear Fuchsia has granted me two other blog awards that I'd like to thank her for.

On the other hand: On May 2 there's another event, and I'll have to have my Pretty Pink Polonaise finished by then... I need to buy some time, seriously.


  1. Looks lovely, both you and the event. All that silk, and wigs, and dancing. Sigh, I think I'm on the wrong side of the ocean. Can't wait to see the next finished gown.


  2. Oh wow... I envy you so much I don't know what to do. :) you look absolutely stunning in that dress! I bet it was a wonderful event. Wow...

  3. Lovely! My dear Sister, Nannerl, would have admired your gown very much had she been there.

  4. Thank you all! You are very kind.

  5. It was fun to meet you too! Thanks for calling me godess *blushes*

    Your robe francaise is lovely! That fabric is very beautiful.


  6. Gaaawd! I saw this post and that absolutely gorgeous dress the same day you posted it. I really wanted to comment it, but I guess I was stunned! I've kinda been waiting to get the right words, but I can't wait forever...
    You and that dress are faaaaaaabulously gorgeous! It's so simple, yet it gives such a striking impression! Love love love it!!! <3
    And I really admire the fact that you styled the wig yourself! BRAVO!!!

  7. Fabulous! I would never have known the material was from Ikea - it's lovely! And it looks like you had a wonderful time, which is even more important. Thanks for posting the link to the pics, too.

  8. I feel like Chole... I really feel like I'm on the wrong side of the ocean.

    I live in Canada (in the province of Quebec) and events like this seem to be somewhat rare. I would have really like to be born an European, what a shame... Canada is boring and we don't really have gorgeous castles and other places to do historical events. *sigh*

    Anyway, I have to see I'm glad I discovered your blog. You look great in this gorgeous dress.

  9. Thank you so much. And I too feel that the world is too big sometimes. What if all people who shared the same interests easily and at at a low cost could meet and share the fun? Nah, it won't happen in our time, unless the science of travel makes a HUGE progress soon.