3 Apr 2009

Want to go to shoe heaven?

You don't even have to die first in order to go there, just follow this link: Shoe Icons: 18th Century

(I'm sorry if 'old news are old', but I had completely missed this amazing online exhibition until now).

Great, GREAT pictures. Some of the shoes can even be viewed in 3D - actually, maybe I AM dead and in shoe heaven, or at least dreaming...

These shoes would be so perfect with my 'Pretty Princess Polonaise'...
...while these seem to defy all rules of physics (and comfort). But remember I'm the kind of woman who complains if the has to walk more than half a mile in heels more than one inches high...


  1. Tack för tipset!
    Thanks for the tip!


  2. OMG! Heart heart heart! I'd give my left arm for those last ones!

    Thank you!!!

  3. Yes, the shoemakers in the 18th century made a lot of beautiful shoes! I hope I someday will learn how they made them.

    I didn´t had the opportunity to say hi to you after the memorial in Riddarholmskyrkan. But we´ll meet at Nyckelviken perhaps?


  4. It looks like you already do, to me!

    No, I missed you there, because I'm not sure what you look like... :P
    But I'll see you at Nyckelviken for sure - good times ahead!