31 Mar 2009

Riddarholmskyrkan last Saturday. A very nice event. It was a very cold night, though, and I almost was glad that the program inside the church was shortened because it was freezing in there! A really wet kind of chill, mostly because the church isn't used for regular church activities (and maybe because of all the spooky crypts and catacombs beneath...). Clearly, my new wool cape wasn't warm enough for a winter night like this.

As we entered the church around 8PM, a woman sang Bach very beautifully and it really added to the solemn atmosphere inside the dimly lit room. Everyone was so smartly dressed in mourning attire, or at least very dark colours, and I really wish I could show some photographical evidence, but I can't since 1) Photographing wasn't allowed in the church and 2) because my crappy camera would only have produced bad, flashy pictures.

I don't know who took these pictures so I don't know whom to credit, but here's one picture of me, looking like my own, stupid self, outside the church:

Afterwards, we went to a tavern in Old Town near the church. We were seated in a medieval vault downstairs (since Old Town is the oldest part of Stockholm, there are many cellars like that and, fortunately, many of them are used as pubs and restaurants today. Atmosphere before fire safety!).

Another picture of me. It looks like someone just made a joke; everyone's laughing but me, since I'm still trying to figure out what's going on.

A few drinks and a good time with nice people quickly made me warm again and the time passed way too fast! Luckily, there's only a couple of weeks left to the next event I'm going to attend: Ball at Nyckelviken (a 18th century house outside Stckholm) on April 18th!

So now I have to finish the IKEA robe, how sucky it may be, because I really don't have time to start and finish anything else. I should have been working on it yesterday; instead, I started to style a wig I'm planning to wear with the robe. I still don't know how this project is going to turn out. If it's going well, I'll post pictures later - if it's going to hell, just forget I mentioned it.


  1. Aaw, thank you :) I wish I looked as pretty as one of your dolls.

  2. Som en dag är du, vacker!

  3. Åh så roligt!
    Angående den där balen, åh vad jag önskar att jag också kunde gå på sådana dära tillställningar. Vore himmel... Men jag är inte medlem i Gustaf III's vänner och inte känner jag nån som är det heller. Så det blir ju svårt...


  4. Alexander: Man behöver ju inget medlemskap - det är det som är så bra! Slottsfrun/Gustaf III:s vänner har inget medlemssystem alls - man dyker bara upp om man känner för det. Och alla är välkomna, ju fler desto roligare. Det är ju alltid jobbigt att vara 'den nya' men det ger sig snart (och eftersom det alltid är brist på pojkar/killar/män/gubbar kan sådana vara säkra på att bli uppsugna fortare än bums... ;) )

  5. Jag hade ingen aning! :) Men då förmodar jag att man åtminstone behöver 1700-talskläder?
    Det har jag inga heller. Fattig student du vet. ;_;

  6. Ja, DET kommer man ju inte undan så lätt... Men det brukar ordna sig. Jag är säker på att flera "Wänner" gärna lånar ut till nykomlingar. Ingen kan ju fixa en hel garderob innan man ens vet om man vill vara "aktiv Gustavian".