23 Jun 2009

Now in color!

I once did something very naughty...
See, I have this lovely little book from the 50's with b/w photographs of costumes, dating from 17th c to the 20th c , from Nordiska Museet (a museum in Stockholm).

Since the book is rather rare I decided that, for the benefit of the people, it would be a good idea to scan all the 18thc pictures and put them on Flickr (see them here).

However: even though my intentions were the best, from a copyright perspective, this really wasn't a cool thing to do. I got a (nice) email from a staff member of Nordiska Museet which pointed this out, but amazingly enough I was allowed to keep the pictures at Flickr! That's great public service.

This staff member must have kept my email address, for he just recently wrote to let me be informed of the new official Nordiska Museet photostream on Flickr.

It's a very mixed set of photos, but much to my joy I discovered three of the costumes from my book, but finally in colour! It was amazing to see these gorgeous costumes as they really look.

Man's gala court suit, 1790's
1780's suit worn by Axel von Fersen (!!!)
Woman's dress, 1750's

There's also some 19th century costumes there and pictures of historical interiors & c.


  1. The first photo - "Svenska nationella dräkten" - is absolutely gorgeous! Look at the colours! Wow! (Not like I don't like von Fersens suit, it's very nice with the flowers and all, but it do not spark).
    Thanks a lot for the links! *Big hug.*

  2. The suit was a bit too fancy, I think. I would have loved to see Fersen in it - he was supposed to be very handsome! It's so sad that his life ended so tragically.

  3. Oooh wow! Thank you! ;D

  4. på med sommarkostymen. nu ere herrar i hagen.