19 Jun 2009

A sorry excuse for an excuse

...or, no. No excuse. Let's just say that I've been the lamest blogger since the dawn of time and that I simply have no excuse.

So let's just rejoice over this lovely portrait of a mildly content family of midgets instead, and perhaps even more over the Eldorado of a site it comes from:

(I use it as my desktop wallpaper. Makes me start everytime I log onto the computer)


  1. Are they really midgets!?! Or just the product of an artist somewhat lacking in the ability to draw proportions?

    The trick to being a good blogger is to write up a bunch of blog posts when you are in the mood, and then schedule them to post at intervals much later. That way you look like you really maintain your blog (wink!

  2. I too think it is the error of the painter not wee folks yet they all look related well enough. Art can be so difficult is some respects.
    I too, am new to this mode of script and often find myself writing in great spurts. In every sense of those words. ha.
    So I don't mind your spurts at all.

  3. I am not sure whether they are truly midgets either! They don't look all that contented to me.

  4. Bwahahahahaha! Oh. Dear. I feel guilty laughing at this....