5 Feb 2010

Happy Birthday to me! And a give-away!

This little blog on the big, big internet turned 1 year today - how the time flies!

I wasn't pretty sure where this spot would be going to when I posted that first entry one twelve-month ago: I was new to blogging, new to costuming and not very used to writing in a second language but here we are: 1 year, and 81 entries (this one included).

That makes 0,22 posts per day; 1,55 per week and 6,75 per month...

But even though I'm not the most frequent or active blogger, I thoroughly enjoy posting, and ponder about the next entry, and reading comments...

But what I enjoy most is all the new acquaintances I've made during this year - the blogging community has so many talented, witty, funny and awesome members, whether they are costumers, doll-makers, embroiderers, knitters or just plain history nerds (or all of them).

I'm so happy to have the privilege to get to know you and to learn from you and share your fortunes and misfortunes. Thank you!

Now, I wasn't really prepared for this anniversary since I for some reason believed that I posted that first entry in March 2009, but I had planned to arrange a little give-away and I still do, it's only that the thing I'm going to give away doesn't exist yet!

Well, the more excitement for the lucky receiver!

All I can say is that it is going to be something I made myself, and it will be shipped to anywhere in the world. And it won't be something that only an 18th century reenactor can enjoy, but there will be a connection to the 1700's for sure.

To enter the give-away, simply post something in the comments. Börjesson the cat will eventually pick the winner and you can enter until February 14 (Valentine's day!).

Well, here's to a good weekend for all of you, and to a prosperous new blog year!


  1. Dear Madame Berg,
    I stumbled across your blog some months ago, drawn by the combination of "cat" and "costume" in the title, and the pleasure of a perspective on both from Sweden, and have enjoyed your adventures since. Ladybug, napping here next to me, snores her agreement.

    Happy anniversary, and indeed, I should be honored to take part in the giveaway.

    Very best,
    Natalie in Kentucky

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Thank you for such a lovely post - your kind words are give-away enough!

    And, even more importantly, thank you for all your interesting, informative, fun and funny posts and your encouraging comments AND for setting up such a wonderful forum. If not for your blog and the way you have built up our lovely community, I would definitely not have learned as much as I have over the past year.

    Here's to many more years for Costumes, Cats & the 18th Century!

  3. A Very Happy Birthday to you! Thank you for all that you do to educate and inform us about historical fashions and the creation of them. Though I have yet to "dress up" my three cats, Fluffers, Maybe Baby and Petto, they so appreciate a good place to hide beneath my hoopskirts and cage crinolines! May you have many more years of creative blogging.
    Keokuk, Iowa

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I started to read you blog when I finally gave in to my 18th century fashion obsession and started costuming. I want to thank you for setting up historical sewing forum because though that I've made a lot of new friends :)

  5. Ja må bloggen leva, ja må bloggen leva, ja må bloggen leva uti hundrade år. Ja visst ska den leva, ja visst ska den leva, ja visst ska den leva uti hundrade år. *Slutar sjunga och tar ett djupt andetag.* Ett trefaldigt leverne för bloggen. Hurra, hurra, hurra!

    (Jag har hört att fyrfaldiga leverne endast var till för kungliga, men att vi svenskar fått det om bakfoten och därför hurrar fyra gånger även för icke kungliga. Din blogg är alltid spännande och rolig, men - hur mycket jag än vill det - så kan jag inte hurra fyra gånger för den. Rätt ska vara rätt =P)

    Du gör en hob(bit) förstår jag. Att ge bort presenter till andra på sin (eller i detta fall bloggens) födelsedag. Det är väldigt hobigt förstår du. Det är inte så att du råkar vara kort, med lockigt hår och ludna fötter? Nej, vänta ett tag... Det är ju jag som är kort! Fast lockigt hår och ludna fötter vet jag inte...

  6. Happy Birthday! I've loved reading your blog, seeing your projects, and engaging in epic pet-battle with your kitteh :-)

  7. Your blog and the forum are awesome! It has been a wonderful year getting to know you! Happy anniversary!

  8. Jag är busschaufför.



  9. Awww....Grattis! Hittade din Blogg för några veckor sen och jag måste säga, jag har lärt mig ganska mycket. Detta för att jag är nybörjare. Jag har varit 1700-tals intresserad i ett år nu men har aldrg haft chansen att varken tillverka eller köpa några kläder, vilket är synd eftersom jag älskar verkligen 1700-tal. Men du lyser verkligen upp vardagen... återigen Grattis ;)

  10. Your blog is one of the first historical-costume-related blogs I stumbled upon. I'm a silent reader (I know, my bad), but I enjoy your posts - they are always informative and funny.

    I also recently discovered the forum, it is great!

    I have not yet started sewing, I'm new to this community. But I know that if I do, I'll have the support of all the very nice and fun people that are part of this community, such as you.

    Sorry if my comment comes off as very corny lol.

    Long live your blog and the forum! :)

  11. I love your blog and I am a regular reader. Happy Birthday! Unfortunately I can't sew but I like to see the pictures of the lovely garments that you're making.

  12. I have been reading your blog for six-seven months and I really like it! I like your combination of informative, inspiring posts and fun/mocking posts. I'm very interested in 18th century clothing but my sewing skills are far below average so I just dream about making those things but it's nice reading about and to look at what others make.