26 Feb 2010

Power of Fashion Database

Nordiska Museeet just launched a website dedicated to their new exhibition with good, zoomable pictures of the costumes.

Only in Swedish, but take my hand, and I'll guide you to the 18th century pieces.

1. Click here to go to the database.

2. To view the costumes, click the box to the far left, which says "Tidslinje" (=time line)

3. Click "1700"

4. Move the slider to see all the objects. Disregard the 1980's Levi's jeans that snuck their way in for some reason. Click on an object of your choice.

5. Below the image, there's a box that says "Nästa bild". This means "next image". Click "Zooma mer" for the closest view; click "Zooma" for a medium-view; and click "Zooma ut" to zoom out!

Have fun, and feel free to include my instructions if you want to share the link to your fellows!


  1. Drool!!! Thanks for the link and instructions :-)

  2. What a great link, and very useful navigation, thank you.

  3. I just finally got around to actually going to the site after bookmarking this entry for reference, and there are some glorious things! I'm particularly entranced by a 19th century blue plaid dress - yum! But I'm wondering - if there any way to bookmark/link to individual pages on that site? Or a way to look up entries individually by number to get something bookmarkable? I want to be able to save the pretties for reference, but I don't read any Swedish so I have no idea how to investigate such options!