4 Mar 2010

Stays for a young lady

My stepdaughter is returning from her internship in Wales this week, so I have spent the last days finishing the stays I promised to make for her. We didn't had much time for fittings before she left so I really hope they will work!

The outer layer is linen, the interlining and lining cotton. I machined the channels and the assembly of the stay pieces, but the rest is made by hand. Because there isn't really any other way to finish a pair of stays, and you can't watch DVD's when you machine-sew!

The shoulder straps are only pinned on as of now because I want to make sure they are the right length. Other than that, they're ready to go. I hope!

I added a little piece of ugly embroidery in the shape of Ellinor's initials - I hope she'll forgive me!

I'm very excited about Ellinor trying the stays on, because I really hope they will look better on a non-pillow shaped figure...

This is the lining

My own stays... are coming along too, albeit slowly. I have one more piece that needs lacing holes and channels (it's the second back piece) but it's pretty narrow so it should be done rather quickly. Then I can assemble the pieces, add boning and actually try them on!

The give-away project is also coming along - I promise! But it's taking much longer than I though, as usual. But watch this space, maybe YOU are the winner?


  1. I have a pair of stays the exact same color combination as Ellinor's. Very pretty!

  2. very nice! I wish I knew how to make one :)

  3. Lovely! You are the epitome of non-evil stepmothers! I am soooo envious!

    And 'Whales' tee hee... (sorry, I hope you realise this means that I love you enough to feel free to tease you!)

  4. Wow, you are quite talented, and patient! I can tell you put a tremendous amount of time into the stays, but well worth the effort.


  5. Both pairs look really pretty :)

  6. Thank you for your kind comments, ladies! Actually, it's one and the same pair - the patterned cotton is the lining of the stays!

    Dreamstress: Ha ha, would you believe that I actually checked that and thought: "Yeah, that looks awright!" I really have problems with certain words... :D

    But, how do you know she isn't taking her bible studies real serious and actually resides inside of a whale? :P I'll fix the typo...

  7. Oh - so pretty! And perfect spring colours - yesterday was the first sunny day we've had so far this year, so excellent timing! I hope Miss E enjoys them.

  8. It's very cute, and the lining is lovely!

  9. I know exactly what you mean about the pillow!
    They are beautiful! I think she'll forgive you the pretty initials.

  10. Wow they are beautiful! I love the colors!

  11. Have a happy first of April! (just joking)

  12. What a work of art! What a labor of love! I adore the simple touch of the initial.


  13. wow, what a great work! The colors are gorgeous : this baby blue is so sweet! Your blog is really original. =)
    Marine / another fucking fashionista