13 Jul 2010

18th century weeks at Skansen

Skansen, an open-air museum/zoo in Stockholm began their annual 18th century weeks last Sunday.

Gustafs Skål's members heartily participates in the event on weekends and show off themselves, 18th century dances, arrange fashion shows and so on, very much to the tourists' delight.

This year was the first time I participated and in spite of the hot, hot HOT weather (seriously, my shift was soaking when I got it off.. Sorry for TMI) I had a lovely day.

There weren't too many fixed arrangements for this day, so my task was mostly to walk around like any other Skansen-goer (only in 18th c clothing, of course), answering the odd question from tourists, smiling for cameras and enjoying the company of the many nice Gustafs Skål members.

I could so do this every day for the rest of my life!

The activities are mainly focused around this building, Skogaholm manor.

I couldn't find my camera when I left home (I slept late and was a bit panicked) so I had to take stealth shots with my phone. A lot of them were so stealthy that I mostly got people's backs ! Oh well.

Isn't this lovely? It had original (I think) decor on the inside.

I really liked his girl's pierrot jacket.

It all ended with a lovely picnic in the green grass (and there was a bit of shade! Phew!)

Lady in blue contemplating lady in floral.

This charming man

Gossip? Surely no - everyone was talking about the heat.

And what's the only remedy for heat? ICE CREAM!

One would think that it would be cool and nice in this lovely... corridor of shrubbery, but it was quite the reverse.

Last but not least - me! I had planned to wear something new but there wasn't time (you may remember this old rag from last summer). I hope to have finished a brand new round-gown for the upcoming weekend. Then I will also try to take more and better pictures, including the lovely interiors of Skogaholm manor.


  1. What fun! You all look amazing.

  2. It looks as if despite the heat it was a wonderful time, and for an old rag your outfit is lovely.

  3. Lovely pics! So true about ice cream...I think I have a photo somewhere of a bunch of ladies in eighteenth-century gowns crowding the counter of an old-fashioned soda shop. I was in the back with a Vanilla Coke, myself :)

  4. Dearest Madame Berg, I wanted thank you for your continual postings and sharing your work and the joy in life you have. I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger award and part of the follow through was to nominate others. I have nominated your blog. Please visit me at my blog when you are able. Again, thank you for your generous time and sharing your love of 18th century living.

  5. Oh, ce que c'est élégant et raffiné, j'adore ! Une belle journée de fin d'été, sous l'arche des arbres bienfaisants, c'est exquis !
    Tatieva, painter to Marie-Antoinette... ;-)))

  6. Everyone looks wonderful. And I particularly love that cream ground sacque with the pink florals. YUM!