20 Aug 2009

Picque-nicque shots

Yesterday's outing was lovely although we had to rush as crazy to get there and were still late. Poor planning - why it always happens?

Anyway, the weather was very sunny but as the suns sets so early in August it became a little chilly and people started to drop off until just me, the stepdaughters and one courageous gentleman was left. But our spirits were high and we hunted for ghosts, played word games and drank wild strawberry-wine and munched on grapes in the dark until 11PM when we had to take the bus back to civilization.

I should have taken more pictures, as usual, but at least I made Miss Ellinor take tons of ego shots of me:

Tomorrow's picque-nicque at drottningholm has been cancelled due to a very unfortunate event in the family of one of the hosts.

While I'm here, I just want to say that I've been granted the Amadeus blog award from American Duchess. Wow! I'm truly grateful for this and I will return with 5 nominees of my own soon. My only problem is that I will have a hard time to pick only 5... I've found so many wonderful blogs during these months.


  1. Congratulations! Well deserved!

    And, I love the whole outfit - very froofy! Sounds like you had a great time :)

  2. Congratulations! I love the photos of the picnic. What a lovely spot. You're gown looks awesome :-D

  3. Nej, nu väljer jag svenska här! Orkar inte med engelskan just nu. Om du ursäktar mig?
    Tyget i din Polonaise är mycket sött, jag älskar just kombinationen av blå blommor på vit botten. Så fort jag ser något sådant tycker min hjärna automatiskt att det är fint. Fast det är förstås inte bara tyget som gör klänningen vacker, allt annat spelar också in.
    För resten, använder du en "rumpkudde"?

  4. Thank you very much Clare, Lauren and LAF :) It was very nice but it's probably the last pick nick this year - autumn approaches!

    Lady AF: Tack snälla du. Ja, jag har en rumpkudde plus en underkjol med vaddering baktill för extra "ooomph!". Tyget kommer från en loppis - haha!

  5. Love your polonaise, and just where do you find so many men eager to don a tricorn and swan around in public parks? I'm definately living in the wrong country...sigh.

  6. You look so cute, and totally, completely, 100% period! I just love that blue and white fabric!

    I want it to be summer-time so that we can go on picnics!

    I have to laugh at Clara's comments. Yes dear, we are definitely living in the wrong countries to find men to swan around in 18th c clothes! I don't know about Aussie guys, but Kiwi men do have many advantages over the sort of American and European men that I know that will wear costumes!

  7. Ah, love the costume, and see, doesn't that fichu just work perfectly!? Absolutely inspiring!

  8. Congratulations on your award, it is very well-deserved!

    What a lovely party that looks to have been, and such a perfect setting. I am definitely jealous.

  9. You really are cute as a button! You better tell your husband that he has to escort you, otherwise someone may try to abduct you. ;-)

  10. Thank you all :)

    Clara: If the men only realised that they'd be practically the only males in a huge group of gorgeous women, I think more would be persuaded to join ;)

    Aloha: The best bit about that fabric is that it was a pair of curtains bought at a thrift store. The whole dress cost less than a McDonald's meal :D

    Lauren: I think it did work and I love it dearly!

    Comtesse: Thank you. You're so kind!

    Isis: If you consider what terrible mess our living room has been due to extensive sewing for the last week, maybe he'd actually want me to be abducted, at least for a little while! :D