3 Aug 2009

George Stuart Historical Figures

I stumbled upon this site while image-googling for something I can't remember what it was, and got stuck for a long, long time. You'll understand why.

I had never heard about George Stuart or his work before and I have no idea if he's famous or not, but he deserves to be, because - whoooah!

Just a few teasers, then rush off to the gallery and indulge in these oh so beautiful pieces of art:

General Washington

de Polignac

Archduchess Maria Antonia

George III...
...with spouse, Queen Charlotte



  1. Mr. Stewart's work is on permanent and revolving display at the Ventura County Museum, right across the street from the historic Mission San Buena Ventura. In California...obviously!

    It is amazing to see this man's work, and if you can get to see it in person, it's indescribable... he's my idol!

  2. Hii - I thought about you and your work when I 'found' that site! But since you're a female, you make 'dolls'; guys make 'figures'. Ahem. :P

  3. The dress in the last picture is wonderful! You'll have to help me make a simmilar one!

  4. Watch for Stuart's workshop on "18 Century Women's Dress in the French Style" in Asel Sciortino's Beautiful Newsletter.

    Gallery Guy