23 Aug 2009

Let's eat history!

Ever since I found this little gem (left) on the website of the university of Umeå, I've been wanting to try out some of the recipes.

My plan is to find three recipes that

1:o aren't downright nasty
2:o don't contain ingredients that are more or less impossible to find nowadays
3:o makes sense

and cook and serve them as a three-course dinner, which isn't the period correct way but more practical (and better for my economy).

Miss Ellinor will of course help me: she's the one who goes to restaurant school after all. And her father/my husband will be forced to taste everything and give us a review.

So now I'm going to do research and hopefully make the stuff on Thursday next week (payday!) .

Disastrous? Probably, but some disasters are funnier than others. Stay tuned for messy kitchen experiments...


  1. Best of luck with that! Keep us posted on how it goes.

  2. I will, and thanks for the well-wishing, I'll need it! LOL!

  3. Good luck with your dinner! I'm curious to know what recipes you'll make, please let us know! Oh, and by the way, what is the painting in the end?

    Lovely blog!



  4. Thank you, Júlia! I think I know what to make now, so I'll update soon!

    The painting is by a Swedish artist named "Pehr Hilleström". The painting was sold on an auction so I think it belongs to a private collection. But google for his name and you'll find many lovely 18th century genre paintings!