13 Aug 2009

Things going on

Greetings all!

Tomorrow is my last working day before 4 weeks of totally carefree and much longed for vacation. I haven't one single 'have-to-do' scheduled, which is exactly how I want it. I do, however, plan to sew - a lot - because there's so much I have wanted to do but been forced to postpone because of that thing called "lack of time" which I think most of us are familiar with.

I have been working on a few different projects lately, but all of them will be on hold for a while due to an event that's taking place in September. I will briefly step out of the 18th century and for the first time dip my toe into early 19th century - or to be precise: 1809.

That was the year when Sweden lost Finland to Russia and king Gustaf IV Adolf was forced to abdicate and these events have been noticed in many different ways during the year.

So in September there is this 1809 ball, a joint event hosted by Gustafs Skål and other living history societies, and I'm in desperate need for something to wear.

That's obviously the most urgent project, and I'm currently working on a bodiced petticoat, since I won't have time to make a pair of proper early 19th c stays. Then I must make a shift and probably also a gown. Thankfully I have a concept and a pattern, and fabric, so I can start at soon as I've finished the petticoat.

On Wednesday I'm going on Gustafs Skåls' annual Revolution Piquenique (celebrating Gustaf III's peaceful revolution in 1772) in the beautiful Haga park. Nothing but rain will stop me (because the event is, for obvious reasons, cancelled in case of watery weather). I'll wear the polonaise I wore at Drottningholm so I'm basically ready to go. I'm making a mantelet which I'm adding trim to at the moment. I'd like to have it ready for the day of the piquenique but it's not a disaster if I don't make it in time.

Then on Friday next week, there'll be a midnight piquenique which takes me back to Drottningholm. It will take place in a hedge maze in the park with lots of lanterns and candles and I can only think it's going to be lovely! I'll probably wear the stripey polonaise, as seen here, so no stress there either.

What else to tell? Oh, I managed to wash out all the "powder" (read: coloured hairspray) from my wig and re-styled it.

I'll leave my plans for a mens' costume for my husband to another post, I think. That's a project I'm quite happy to postpone...

My camera has run out of batteries (who makes a camera that runs on ordinary batteries these days?) so I'll post various pictures later on.

Oh, stop by at the forum if you haven't done so yet! It very young but quite active already and populated with the nicest and most talented of people. Don't be shy!

Enough ramblings. Take care!


  1. Yay for holidays! I started my month long respite last week. Although you haven't got any "to do's" it sounds like it's just as well since your social calendar is so full already. I'm secretly jealous of all those wonderful events you have access to.

  2. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful vacation! I'm a bit jealous...

  3. Have a lovely holiday! Post lots of pictures of the festivities when you can, as I know I am eager to see them.

  4. Thank you all! I'll spend all my free time well, and not forget to bring the camera for once.

  5. Have a wonderful vacation! Make sure to take lots of pictures :-)