4 Aug 2009

Eu nao falo portogues

...or: "I don't speak Portuguese", but if you do, you may get even more joy out of this Portuguese museum search engine: Matriznet

The search engine is available in English but the information on the objects is in Portuguese. But I always liked picture-books better anyway!

Click on collections to start a new search.

In the "Classification" box, choose "Traje".

Scroll down to "Century" and pick = in the first box and type XVIII in the second (if you want to search for 18th century items, of course!) and hit "Search" at the bottom of the page.

Mostly men's clothing, which is particularly of interest to me nowadays, since I've set my mind on making a suit for my husband - oh my!

Also beautiful fans and lovely buttons with painted miniatures among other things.

Worst mannequin ever? OMG - the HAIR!



  1. Thanks! It's always great to have new costume resources, especially men's clothes, since I am also biting the bullet and making DH a 1770s men's suit.

  2. Oh, how very cool! Hopefully I can pick up a few things from you - I'm clueless about sewing for the guys and the project scares me to pieces to be honest, but I'm determined to at least try.

  3. Oooh, dear me, what a lucky one I am to be Portuguese! Let me just correct your sentence - Eu não falo português. Now I'll run to that site which I had never heard of before. Lovely blog you have, and I agree that costumes, cats and 18th century are lovely things. ^^