2 Aug 2009

Cuteness post

Here comes a totally random post, but it's full of cute so I feel it's justified.

My father had told me that a fox pup appeared on a daily basis around his summer cottage, and this weekend I got to see it for myself!

The fox came both nights we stayed there. He hung around for about 30-45 minutes each time and gladly helped himself to the eggs, potatoes and bread that we treated him with. He wasn't very shy, as you can see from this footage I posted on Youtube, and quite adorable.

An 18th century person wouldn't have been very glad to have a fox hanging around his country house, of course, since they are keen on chickens, sheep and other farm animals (ha! I managed to sneek an 18th c. reference in after all!) but we keep no birds and the cat was safe back in town so we were quite delighted over Mr or Miss Fox's visits. And hope for many more to come.

Just sittin' feelin' cute

"What? No grilled salmon left for me?"

"So this is where you peeps wash your hands? Cool."

"Thnx for teh bredd guise. nxt tiem, bring cheezburger plz?"


  1. Soooo cute! You can post random fox-cuteness at any time!

    They did have some fondness for foxes in the 18th century though. I've seen a piece of cream on cream 18th century fabric featuring foxes and grapes. Maybe a reference to Aesophs fables? Gorgeous fabric - I wish I had an image of it!

  2. So cute! Thanks for posting! Love foxies sooo much

  3. Oh well, they also liked foxes - for clothes!

    AlohaAroha: Yes, that must've been a reference to the fox and sour grapes indeed (in the Swedish version of the fable, the grapes have been replaced with Rowanberries... In case you really wanted to know :P...)