24 Aug 2009

Evening gloves fail

I need evening gloves for the upcoming 1809 ball and went shopping for a pair about one week ago.

A pair of white kid leather gloves were of course on the top of my wish list, but even though one often comes across vintage 20th century gloves, I'm yet to find a pair that fits me. Fits me like a glove. Ha ha. Don't know what's up with that - I don't think my hands are extremely big but I reckon women with hands larger than those of a twelve year-old were simple shunned by society back then (I did buy a pair from a Swedish auction site and they did of course not fit me, but they did fit miss Ellinor so all was well).

So I accepted that I had to but a pair of new, stretchy synthetic gloves and went to this bridal shop who had a whole basket full of gloves on sale. Probably because they all were more or less dirty, but I was assured that they could be machine washed. I found a pair that fitted almost perfectly and they had a matte finish and not that hideous glossy faux-satin look that I detest, so I happily purchased them.

Today, I washed them in machine, and guess what? Fail.

Here's how they looked pre washing...

...and after.

Hairy glove. That's a whole new level of freaky.

The funniest think is, that this only happened to one of the gloves. So now I have one very nice glove and one useless. The quest continues...


  1. Ahh! It looks like your hand is spun sugar. Too bad it didn't work out :-(

  2. Maybe they're Spiderman gloves? :P

  3. Oh no - how rubbish! You could keep them for Halloween, though, and just form an outfit around them... I'm not sure what, exactly, but reckon you could come up with something!

  4. In fact, I already did... ;)

    I would really love to go to a Halloween party themed "Pride&Prejudice&Zombies", and of course as a Regency zombie..! I can picture these gloves covered with dried blood stains and mould... Mohahaha!

    Now I just need to pitch the idea of such a party to like-minded, if there are any...

  5. Oh my! That's very freaky, almost as bad as when my mother comes to stay. Somehow, just by being in my house she manages to break something. Last time the blind and this time the cat feeder. She doesn't even have to touch it, her presence is enough. Perhaps she looked at your glove...hehehehe

  6. Oh, that's terrible fraying. I would bring them back to the store. It was they who told you that they were washable...

  7. Clara: Maybe it works in reverse... Many thinks are broken in our house, so if she comes, maybe then she'll fix them?

    Lithia: Unofrtunately, I seem to have mislaid the receipt... If I still had had the receipt, I'm sure nothing would've happened *eyeroll*

  8. Haha - that is a brilliant party idea! I'd so love to do that!

  9. OK, so we have to have a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies party at our international get together!

  10. I *KNOW!* Right now, I can't think of many things I'd like to do more.