21 Aug 2009

Snuff said

Yesterday, I got to try snuff for the first time. It was a rather fun experience; it felt almost like using one of those strong nose sprays that you use when you have a cold. I think the gentleman who offered me the snuff said it was apricot flavoured but it felt really pepper-minty. I didn't sneeze until about ten minutes afterwards, and of course while I was talking to someone, and four times in a row.

No, I'm not going to advocate the use of tobacco here, but since I'm unfortunately an addict to nicotine, I really wish I could get addicted to snuff instead of cigarettes; it's definitely classier and not by far as lethal (but not good for your nose. Tobacco is bad - period!).

And you get to have a snuff box - ha! Of course you can have a snuff box without actually using snuff. Why not fill it with breath fresheners or sweets (tiny, tiny sweets)?

Here are a few antique snuff boxes for inspration:

Aaaw! I want one with a portrait of my cat!

This last one was sold at Christie's for a whopping £121,250 June 2. I will go for something less pricey, I think. Maybe try and paint something myself!

P.S. Do yourself a favour and don't google for images with "snuff" as search query. There's some really nasty stuff out there...


  1. Awww...I want a snuff box with a picture of my kitty cat too!

    I've got to say, as a non nicotine addict, I'm totally grossed out by the whole thing though!

  2. I hear you! There are very few foreign substances that should be inhaled or snorted up ones nose, really. Kitty hair is one exception (or rather: one we can hardly avoid).

  3. How about a little box for your mouches!? Beauty patches in a pretty box. This is on my to-get list...

  4. HA! Sounds better than my experiences with snuff. I sneezed like mad, blew my nose a dozen times & my eyes watered for a good 20 minutes.

    Still, I do carry a little tin (though not a pretty snuff box) of peppermint snuff from Wilsons of Sharrow. If nothing else, it smells nice.


  5. And it's a great conversation piece, if everything else fails :P

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