20 Aug 2009

Tidsfördrifvet - Gustafs Skål's official blog

Huh - how did I miss this? It's of course very new but still...

It's the official blog of Gustafs Skål, the 18th century society that I and many others are members of. It's only in Swedish and launched only about a week ago so there aren't many posts yet, but here's hoping for many to come!

Click on the banner to go there!


  1. It's because it's so new that GS hasn't got around to inform about it yet. :-) I was going to mention it on the forum, but hasn't got around to it. :-)

  2. That explains it! It's a very nice addition to the blogosphere nevertheless! :)

  3. En gång fanns det ett medlemsblad i pappersform med den titeln, men dog ut för några år sedan. Det här kan nog bli en bra ersättning.

  4. Tja, papperstidning är ju bara sååå 1998! Duh! :P

    Billigt och enkelt är bra.