30 Aug 2009

The new exhibition at Nordiska Museet approaches

Nordiska Museet in Stockholm hasn't had a permanent exhibition with their extant costumes for over a year (or is it two?).

I knew that one is to open in 2010 but since it felt so very, very distant I never bothered to look for information or news about it.

Then tonight, it hit me: "Hey, 2010 isn't very far away by now!" so I went to their website to see what information they shared.

The name of the exhibition, that is going to be permanent! - is "Modemakt - 300 år av kläder", or "The power of fashion - 300 years of clothing".

Of course I'm mostly interested in how much of the exhibition that will be dedicated to the 18th century! I have seen some of the museum's 18th c clothes in person but some only pictured, like these, and I tried to sleuth a little by looking at "behind the scenes"-pictures they've published:

I think this is a part of the new exhibition rooms. It looks huge compared to the old one, which felt more like a crammed corridor!

Jeans shorts? Purple baseball jacket? Please - not too much contemporary stuff! Who goes to a museum to look at things they may have in their own closet?

Here dancers pose as mannequins to determine how the latter are going to be displayed. Ironic, isn't it?

Aha! They have written "1780's" on a note on the white board with a lot of pictures surrounding it...

Now this looks promising!

So does this...

The opening date will be February 27, 2010, with reservations for changes.

Seems Christmas will come very, very early in 2010...


  1. Oh wow - the Boy's Suit on the Flickr set you linked to has Suffolk puffs/yoyos on it - that's really cute! Sorry, am a fan of them because they're easy to do and are on one of my fave costume paintings.

    I bet you can't wait for the exhibition! You'll have to let us know how much 18th C stuff is there... I might be going around Europe next summer...

  2. ...then you must come to Stockholm! :D

    It's quite tolerable in the summer, and we have a few nice museums!

  3. How tantilising. I'm with you on the jeans et al...why bother? I can see that exhibition any day of the week..lol

  4. Hmmmm....should I plan a trip to Sweden next year?

  5. Yes, do! You too, Clara - heck, the whole board should come and camp outside the museum! :D

  6. Lol - we can all learn to make fancy silk tents and just live in them!

  7. And the tourists would soil themselves with joy :D

  8. Looong overdue- I'm thinking it can't have been good for those poor clothes that have been in the exhibition for twenty long years! I hope there will be som einteresting catalouges with LOTS of pictures too!