23 Apr 2011

It's Caturday!

All the cool bloggers have them! I too want a weekday dedicated to a theme, so how about - cats? This blogg has been lacking cats since the start, in spite of its name, so I think it is time I made amends (let us not bother with the fact that this blogg has been lacking posts about anything lately...).

So, for the first installment of

It's Caturday - a day for historical cats
brought to you by CC&18thc

the artwork I used for my banner:

The Jealous Maids


  1. Ja alltså, om jag levt under 1700-talet (låt oss säga som en adelsdam, eftersom det är roligare att tänka sig det) då hade jag nog haft en katt istället för en hund. Eller möjligtvis en daggmask (vid namn Assar) gömd under min kudde.

  2. Es un placer visitar este blog. Siempre hay enseñanzas provechosas. Gracias