16 Jun 2011

Something old, something new

Believe it or not, but I have been working on things during my blogging hiatus. It's just that I'm terrible at documenting what I do and I don't abuse my husband's mad photographing skillz half as much as I should. There must be change.

Last Friday, I went on a small gathering with Gustafs Skål. I wanted something new to wear (well, isn't that strange!) and after much pondering, I realised that I needed something along these lines:
Perhaps minus the embroidery. For now.

So I got started and things did go rather well, but in the end there just wasn't enough time. At least I realised it before things got ugly so I decided to let it rest.

I used a fabric I've had in my stash for a long time (originally intended for my husband, but... Tough luck, honey) and based the pattern on a 1780s-90s Pierrot jacket from a Swedish book. It doesn't look very promising at this stage but I actually have great hopes for it. So it's a good thing I didn't rush it after all.

So for the event, I wore an old gown that I made two years ago (two years ago? Yikes!).

It's never been a favourite, but the sad truth is just that a lot of my things no longer fits! Isn't that wonderful? I blame delicious cake and soon turning 30.

Good thing that hats don't care about your increasing waist measure - instead of new outfit, I settled for new hat:

Sorry 'bout the tounge.

I've had the ribbon for some time and I always knew I'd use it for a hat. Said, and done!

Yes, hat pin is a bamboo skewer. I was desperate.

I'm rather pleased with new hat, but when I saw it on me, my mind started to visualise a gown in blue and white stripes... A Polonaise... Or retroussée dans les poches à la Kyoto...

It could look stunning... Or it could look like this:
I'm not sure yet. Any thoughts?

I hope you don't get too disappointed about missing out on an "It's Caturday!" post this Saturday. We're going for a mini-holiday to the old, old town of Vadstena, and since my phone is old and steam-powered, I can't do blogging stuff on the go. We're going to stay at an old mental asylum. Fun!

All the best!


  1. That is a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous chintz gown, Madame! and I love your inspiration dress for the new jacket, too. I've never seen that ensemble before, and here I thought I'd seen everything. Goes to show. Your version is going to be awesome!

  2. Jag arbetar efter samma Pierrot-mönster, fast det kanske du redan vet...

    Hatten är verkligen söt! Jag ser en Robe retroussée dans les poches med blå ränder till den. Eller kanske en sådan här: http://mantuamaker.tumblr.com/post/218214098/robe-a-la-francaise-a-la-polonaise-1770-1790 skumt Polonaise-draperad Francaise...

  3. Thank you, Lauren! I will try and dig up the link to the Christies ensemble for you because there were close-ups and zoom available - so gorgeous!

    Lady A: Tack, och tack för den länken - jag har inte sett den klänningen förut! Undrar om den har varit draperad så ursprungligen eller om någon har lattjat lite på senare dar?

  4. Jag glömde ju att önska dig en trevlig semester... Hoppas att du får en trevlig semester!

    Jag har ingen aning om den har varit draperad så där från början, men jag har sett två andra Francaiser med liknande draperingar.

    1. Kent State University Museum: http://kent.pastperfect-online.com/34506cgi/mweb.exe?request=record;id=6428E8DF-4B16-4A3F-8F41-355031786257;type=101

    2. Colonial Williamsburg: http://emuseum.history.org/code/emuseum.asp?action=newpage&style=single&singlepage=1&searchxml=%3CeMuseum%5Fsearch+site%3D%22Colonial+Williamsburg%22+date%3D%222011%2D06%2D16%22%3E%3Ccriteria%3E%3Cparams+searchcode%3D%22%2D1%22+pagesize%3D%226%22+currentpage%3D%221%22+orderfield%3D%22%22+orderdir%3D%22%22+profile%3D%22objects%22%2F%3E%3Cbasic+criteria%3D%22Robe+a+la+francaise%22%2F%3E%3C%2Fcriteria%3E%3C%2FeMuseum%5Fsearch%3E%0D%0A&style=browse&pagesize=6&currentpage=1&page=search&browsepagesize=6&searchtype=basic&profile=objects&wandering=no&term=Robe%20a%20la%20francaise&basicterm=Robe%20a%20la%20francaise&pagetotal=1&pagestart=1&pageend=1

    Haha vilken underbart lång adress...

  5. Someone else made a very nice reproduction of that gown at Costume College (convention in Los Angeles, CA) a couple years ago. Its a really pretty gown. http://www.pbase.com/cinnamonhrts/image/115773604
    Your blue is beautiful!

  6. It may not be your favourite, but it looks adorable on you! What is it about being almost 30 and the ability to stay slim deserting you. I'm fighting the same thing right now :-(

    I love the ensemble you posted - it's so unusual.

  7. Oh, and can't you schedule posts ahead of time? So you could do a caturday post now and have it pop up on time. I remember being able to schedule on blogger.

  8. Thank you Dreamstress! No, getting old I can deal with, but getting bigger... Not so much!

    Re: scheduling posts... I... haven't even though about it! Didn't know you could. I must check it out.