2 Jul 2011

It's Caturday!

Nothing new under the sun: kids like to dress up kittens. Kittens disapprove.Joseph Wright of Derby. Two Girls Dressing a Kitten by Candlelight. c. 1768-70. Oil on canvas. 90.8 x 72.4 cm. Private collection. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Personally, I don't trust the girl to the left...


  1. Clearly not a girl to trust, something I think kitty is well aware of...

  2. Cats, costumes and candlelight do not go together!

    I saw this and immediately thought of you: http://chzhistoriclols.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/funny-pictures-history-my-cat.jpg

  3. Isis: I know right!? She's up to no good whatsoever :P

    Dreamstress: Naw, that's sweet of you! But what an ugly cat...

  4. Hi your site is wonderful, when I was in 7th grade I dress my cat with a long dress for a contest in my school, my Tomasina won the 2nd place, I wish I have the picture...:)