20 Jul 2011

Ship ahoy!

Celebrity spotting in Stockholm! HMS Bounty from the 1962 Marlon Brando movie Mutiny on the Bounty anchored in Stockholm harbour for a week. Naturally, I had to take a peek!

Really, there is a ship, somewhere, behind all those tourists.

My better half and a part of the ship (which was very hard to capture in full from where we stood!).

We didn't board, partly because we were cheap, but mostly because we didn't carry cash.

Yours truly, and the ship, which have now set sails to new another shore in Europe. You can see the schedule (and much better pictures!) at the ship's website HMS Bounty


  1. Nice! Next time you want to photograph a ship at Skeppsbron, go to the neighbouring quays - Blasieholmen, Skeppsholmen or Stadsgården - and zoom it from there.