12 Nov 2011

Getting ready...

...for a night at Kristinehov! One of the wings will be transformed into an 18th century tavern/public house for this night and everyone is encouraged to "dress down" and portray the lower classes - craftsmen, soldiers, maids and such - Fun! A brewer is coming all the way from Norway to treat us to his home-made beer!
I made a jacket for this event.
I was inspired by this jacket from V&A. The original is quilted. I think my version would have looked very nice quilted, had I had the patience for it...
The tails will look better with some petticoats and a small bumroll.

I now realise should have used some stiffening in the front. It will not be perfectly smooth but I guess I have to live with that.

Hopefully I will have some pictures of me wearing it tomorrow!

And since it is Saturday... I mean Caturday!

Thomas Gainsborough - Six studies of a cat


  1. Söt jacka, madame! Och kissarna såg ju riktigt fina ut den här gången.

  2. It looks lovely! Gorgeous neckline. I hope you let us see pictures of the complete outfit (and the event) soon.

  3. You looked adorable! J took a very nice pic of you checking out your book about his fututre. :)

  4. Love that jacket!! That sounds like a fun event!

  5. Really like this jacket - is it considered a Pierrot? Anyway, I like the pleated self fabric trim. When is the event? I hope to hear more about it. There is nothing like home brewed ales. Cheers!

  6. Augusta Fredrika: Det krävs tydligen en Gainsborough för att avbilda katter korrekt...

    Augustintytär: Thanks! Unfortunatelt I haven't got any pictures of the whole outfit :( My husband couldn't fins the flash for his camera (though he found it today!)

    Isis: Aw, thanks! I'd love to see the pics you took!

    Nehelenia: Thanks! It was a great event :D

    Angela: Wow, good question... What defines a Pierrot? I really don't know and now I want to find out! And the event was last Saturday and I hope I can borrow some pictures from others to show here... The ale was delicious!

    Alisa: Thanks!