16 Dec 2011

Museum goodies

An early holiday gift from three Swedish museums: The Royal Armoury, the castle of Skokloster and the Halwyl museum? Yes, please! Link

These three museums now have an online database with a vast collection of objects from the middle ages and onwards so here is something for all tastes:

The website is in Swedish only for the time being, but to make a simple search for garments, type "kläder" (clothes) in the search field on the front page and you'll get hundreds of results.

Happy browsing!


  1. Så snart jag tycker att sömmandet är färdigt för i kväll (ja pausar en kortis) så ska jag kika runt i databasen.

  2. So cool! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Prom Queen of Sweden är mycket vacker - den vackraste i historien !!!
      I love is!!

  3. I have been seized by a crazy obsession with the pink dress on the top, and simply must re-make it! Do you have the link to the page with that specific piece on it? I couldn't find it on the site, for some reason... maybe I missed it?
    Either way, thanks for the fun links! :)