13 Feb 2009

And there was drooling: MOAR costumes online!

Well, this museum's site was new at least to me!

I found it through Corsetra's LJ (thank you!) and was so very happy because stumbling on amazing finds like these is almost better than kitties, puppies, popsicles and sunshine!

The museum is located in the vicinity of Barcelona, I believe, and the main page is here: CDMT

But the interesting bit comes here: Database

A huge fricking database, and it is even available in English. I'm so giving my first-born away to this museum.

There are 734(!) images in the 18th century category and many of them are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! The picture quality is great (although I wouldn't have minded larger sizes, but what the...) and the costumes are very nicely displayed and can often be seen from several different angles as well and...

Why do you read this anyway? Go there NOW!

Just some teasers:

(I call this one "Crazy Lollipop")


  1. Ooooooh wow! That was new to me too! THANK YOU!!! <3

  2. I love very much the teasers you chose!
    This gallery is indeed incredible...

  3. I'm glad to be of service! At first I thought I was the only one who hadn't seen the site. I figured, since it was so awesome, everyone MUST know about it already. But it turned out it was a well-kept secret. But not much longer, I hope!