28 Feb 2009

Costume movie in 2010

Much to my joy, I just found out that Zentropa, the production company owned by Lars von Trier among others, is working on an historical film with premier in 2010 (MOAR costumes yay!)

The film, which right now goes under the name "A royal affair", will tell the story of the Danish queen Caroline Mathilde and her affair with Struensee, the king's doctor and later count and prime minister of Denmark.

I'm very excited about this for many reasons, partly because "COSTUME MOVIE YAY!" of course, also because the Danes make such awesome productions when it comes to TV and film, and naturally because the story of Caroline Mathilde and Struensee is of the sort that it's quite amazing that it hasn't already been made a movie of yet ("Love! Sex! Power! Death!" Zentropa, if you want to use this as your tagline for the film, go ahead, I couldn't afford to sue you anyway).

Article in Danish
Facts on Zentropa's website

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