5 Feb 2009

A Humble Beginning

This looks exactly like me!
Ya, rly!


I thought I'd dedicate this first blog post to a bit of introduction to my humble self, and some explaining (because you all probably just sit there, like, "WTF?")

First: I'm a rather confused female little person living in the long, narrow land up north called Sweden. I'm soon two years short of the big 30, but my childish personality must reflect on my looks, because I have to show ID every time I want to buy a bottle of wine (or four. No, I don't find it flattering, only annoying. Ask me again in a couple of years).
I'm married, with children (his though; not mine, thank you very much!) and work a full-time job.

So. Why this blog?

Well. One great interest of mine is History. See the title of the blog? Ah, good - there you have it:

18th century. I love it.

So I want to write about it. And since I'm too stupid (and old) to go to university and too untalanted to even try and publish an article or two, a blog HAD to be the perfect forum. Everyone can blog, right?!?

I may be focusing more on Swedish 18th century, since that's what interests me the most, so you international fellas may be making some new acquaintances over time.

And then there was costumes. Which somewhat relates to the 18th century history bit.

I make 18th century costumes (I try, at least). I even wear them. You'll see. You may regret it, but you'll see.

I won't be doing the dress diary thing, mostly because no one should have to see the mad, confused inferno in which my creations are being born, but I may ask for input on stuff, show off my ideas, document progress, if such should exist, and even show the finished product (depends on how much it sucks, of course).

Is everything clear on the "costumes" bit? Good! Then we better move on to the most confusing part:


Well, I like them! Even when they puke on my rug, scratch my sofa to shreds and refuse to eat the expensive gourmet cat food that even costs more than my own grub (per kilo. Yes, I checked)!

Did I mention I'm a cat owner? Or owned by a cat, which way one chooses to see it.

And "cats" may actually be more like "cat", singular noun, since I'll allow most of the space to the crazy pet cat Börjesson!

Isn't he adorable?

You know, every cat's biggest wish is to gain some internet fame, and I must admit I haven't really put much effort into making Börjesson the internet star he so desires to be (NO ONE watches those Youtube clips, dammit!).

Or, if you're being cynical, you could probably say that I take the opportunity to make fun of my pet in public. Not that I ever intended to!


(I realise that if this had been a personal ad, I'd be broke by now. Broke, and still not closer to a date. Which probably indicates that I should shut up, and go to bed.)

Well, that's it for now, and if I didn't scare you all away, you'll hear from me again, soon (please come, I don't have any friends! Please?).


Your humble servant

Madame Berg

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  1. Most lovely, I look forward to all your posts!