15 Sep 2009

Getting ready for the ball

I can't believe it!

The 1809 ball at Kristinehov is on Friday...

...and I've almost finished all of my stuff!

This is such an anomaly and I'm sure I'll end up paying dearly for this huge offence to the mighty power that is "Desperate-Sewing-Madness-Night-Before-Event".

So what is this total regency n00b's plan?

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe more, so I give you a lot of pictures and I'll throw in a few words with the bargain as well:


I was going to buy plain, old white ballerinas when I found these. It was love at first site (at least in my case. I think the shoes have undetermined feelings due to a bad break-up recently):

"So were Indian/Pakistani Khussa with sequins and stuff all the rage around 1809?" you ask. I say: "Yes. Yes, it was."

Which is, of course, a lie. But I couldn't help myself. I love them. Besides, my camera, which has a face recognition feature, clearly sees a face on the toe. They smell a little like horse, but I like horses. I'll add ribbons to tie around my ankles to make sure they stay on.


Just... Just ignore my attempt at bead work. I was feeling a bit over-achieving at the time but what is done is done. Making tassels was fun, though!


I bought a typical Asian gift shop cheapo sandalwood fan that I planned to spice up.

So I sprayed it with white paint, because white paint is almost impossible to tell from ivory, and will add a ribbon in lieu of the original nylon string. Meh. At least I have a fan.

But while on the subject: I found another cheapo Chinese fan today at my lunch break.

It will need a lot of help but I think it has potential. But that's for much later.


I'm not 100% sure about what to do with my hair, besides that I'm going to curl it.

I tested my husband's grandmother's old curling iron tonight and I think it's a winner!

I heated it on the stove, like I believe she did in the 30's, and if it was good enough for her hair, it's good enough for mine.


"But the gown!" you cry: "What about the gown?"

Oh, there is a gown all right, buuut I'll wait with pictures until I'm all dolled up and ready for The Big Night so I can do it justice.

But I'm a generous person at heart so I'll give you two pictures of the sleeve, which is what actually makes this gown.

Sorry for the crap quality. My camera died so I had to use my phone.

The concept is stolen from a gown in a Swedish museum. The original also has bobbin lace at the bottom and I found a piece of lace in my stash that was exactly the length needed. Like millimetre exact! I thought that was cool because I got the lace from a plastic bag of mixed ribbons from a thrift store, and I actually bought the bag only because of another lace in it, and I had to buy the whole bag, so... Yeah, whatever.

And now I must end this post with a very important message from my cat and sewing friend Börjesson:

Börjesson has entered the "Cutest Sewing Critter" competition over at the Dreamestress's and is quite willing to bribe you for votes in his favour. Name your price!

Here he is helping me with the breeches pattern I mentioned in my last post. Börjesson insists that the best way of getting familiar with a new pattern is to feel it. This is most efficiently achieved by spreading out your body on top of the pattern for an hour or two. Börjesson shares this tip with you for nothing in return!

And now he' wants me to return to the joy that is finger torture and binding stays. I'll try to find an excuse, like I have done for the greater part of the evening.


  1. Fun, fun. I love the shoes. Have a blast at the ball :-)

    BTW: Borjesson is just too cute.

  2. Squeeee! Oh my gosh!

    I'm wondering - why use the vintage curling iron over a modern one? Is there something secret I ought to know?

    My pup is also in the competition, but I think your kitty would probably kick Avi's furry buns...she's kindof a whimp :-)

  3. Yay for new dresses and balls to wear them to! I'm pretty impressed with the curling iron - I'm too lazy to even use an electric one on mine!

  4. You will look lovely, I'm sure.

    LOL, my cats are well aquianted with the feeling a pattern method. Spacecat Spiff also likes to feel the underside ofthem, and makes tunnels...

  5. Be careful with that curling iron! I always have nightmares going back to the scene from 'Little Women' where Jo fries Meg's hair! :)

    Everything else looks like fun...have a great time Friday!

  6. Those are Khussa shoes right? I got a pair of those, my goodness the soles on those shoes are thin.... My feet were throbbing at the end of the night of dancing... So you might want to get some gel inserts or something...

  7. Lauren #1: Thank you, I will!

    Lauren #2: A vintage iron is probably much, much more dangarous so there's really no advantage, besides that our modern curler makes much larger curls. So I'll try this one and hope for the best...

    Aloha: Ditto... But once a year or so... Usually on New Year's :P

    Isis: Börjesson didn't like this particular pattern I'm afraid :( I left it on the floor overnight (I knwo, big mistake) and the next morning there were scratch marks everywhere! But still usable.

    Abby: Argh! I remember it too now! Thanks for the warning.

    Hungarican: Yes, they are. Hmm. The soles on these feels pretty thick actually. But I'm going to buy something to put in anyway, because they're slightly large.

  8. Men nu har balen varit???? Rapport pliz! Bilder! Skvaller!

  9. Nej. Det är ju imorgon. Själv har jag tvätt-tid.

  10. Très Chère correspondnate,
    pour moi, vous avez du vivre à la charnière 18°/19°, à Londres, Naples, Vienne ou Paris.
    Mais en tant que femme ou chatte? j'hésite!

    Voilà, je suis écrivain, et je recherche la description d'un costume de ville de cette époque. Mais, attn costume de grand luxe.
    Guy de Montpellier. Fr.

  11. Dear gdm,

    I'm afraid I don't know French and Google translate wasn't of much help, but thanks for stopping by!

  12. There are teensy barreled curing irons out there if heating it on the stove becomes too tedious. I think you would be ok with the shoes since there was such an influence of Asian inspired decor that transferred over to apparel. Remember the turbans ladies wore on their heads? I can hardly wait for pictures, you're going to look fabulous!