17 Sep 2009

WARNING: Sillyness Ahead!

Being very tired and without inspiration for sewing, I spent most of the evening in front of ye olde laptop. I soon got addicted to funniest little web page that I read about in today's Metro.
It deserves the Nobel prize for awesomeness.

You upload a portrait photo of your choice, wait a while, and watch the magic: A portrait in motion!

I naturally started out with a picture of me, as seen below, but I soon realised how much funnier it would be to try with portraits of some of our most loved18th century celebrities instead. Said and done!

The results? From really freaky to quite hilarious. Judge for yourselves:

Just little me

Gustaf III of Sweden. What's not to love?

Carl "Freaky Eyes" von Linné

Poor Marie Antoinette. This could be more flattering, I suppose.

Why so serious, George? You're on film!

I think I like this one best: Charles James Fox

Now go and make your own: http://labs.mppark.jp/hige


  1. how weird, and morbidly entertaining. Gnarly...my dad looks just like George Washington without the wig...eeeee

  2. That is wild! What are the strange things floating around the picture? I will definitely be playing with this toy.

  3. LOL - that is brilliant!!! Fox looks like he's about to burst into tears, poor thing! I sense much time spent on this site... I knew I shouldn't have checked blogs at bed-time!

  4. More fun from the land of Japan. I really wonder how it does that. Very clever though...

  5. So cute! Unfortunately when I try to do it I just get an error message in Japanese :-(

  6. That IS a bit creepy, I kinda liked Gustaf though! ^^

  7. Isn't it the best toy? XD

    Aloha: I used fairly small jpgs - check that they're not too large or in a different format perhaps?

  8. Oh, Lauren: Those things are little balloons that you can click on to add wigs or beards and stuff to your photo!

  9. Bahaha!
    * Min ena ögonglob är inte riktigt rund, vilket gör att ögat skelar lite, så jag har haft anledning att besöka ögondoktorer ett antal gånger och jag tycker att jag känner igen Madames rörelser från ett sådant tillfälle. Ni vet när någon håller upp valfritt föremål - vi kan säga en penna - och så ska man följa den med blicken.
    * Precis! Vad är inte att älska? *Äter upp Gustaf.* Hoppsan...
    * Linnéskåpet vill man inte möta ensam i en mörk allé. Varning för galen professor!
    * Österikiskan kunde - precis som ni skriver - ha fått en mer smickrande framställning.
    * Georgie ser ut som om han lyssnar till en diskussion och i slutet sneglar han på någon bakom sig, kanske frun. Bakom varje framgångsrik man står ju, som känt är, en kvinna.
    *Stackars Fox verkar mest gråtfärdig! Vad har ni gjort med honom? =P

  10. Wow!!!! :))) Very HarryPotterish!....

  11. Augusta: Jag tror att någon retade Fox för hans vikt...

    Destinee: Of course! I can't believe I didn't think of that myself!

  12. This is hysterical! I can't wait to try it out with my photo of Lord Lyttelton!

  13. Omg you're so adorable! And second, that's hilarious! hahahaha