21 Jan 2010


I was bored and browsed IMDB, and went to look if there were any goofs in the Duchess, because I hadn't spotted any myself.

There were a few of course, because there are goofs in every film that was ever made (and if they're not listed on IMDB, it's only because no one has yet reported them yet) but nothing funny or really embarrassing...

...until I came to the end of the (short) list, and it was not the people working on the Duchess who should feel embarrassed... Here's what it said:

Factual errors: In the last scene with the kids running around the fountain, there should be no fountain, since there was no electricity and no pumps.
A fountain needs its electricity, dammit!


  1. And how did the romans have such beautiful fountains? Time travel? Good grief.

  2. Abd all fountains at Versailles? Figments of the 18th century imagination? *sheech*

  3. Oh dear me no, and everyone went to bed when it got dark because without electricity there was no light either.

  4. Hate to spoil the fun, here, but fountains are way older than the invention of electricity. People where quite skilful in using water pressure to push the water out, like a fountain. Or so I'm told by my art-history teacher... I believe Tivoli has several fountains dating from the renaissance.

    However, I really enjoy reading your blog ^^

  5. Anja: Yes, we all know that; that's where the fun comes in ;)

  6. I knew there was I catch I didn't get. :$
    That'll teach me to type before I think ;)

  7. Hey, it's Friday! Our brains need their weekend rest by now, I think that counts for all of us :P