20 Jan 2010

My boss is getting a PM as we speak

Colleagues, co-workers, bosses et al:

There's little you can do to avoid them (if you aren't self-employed, of course, but don't we all get annoyed even with ourselves sometimes?).

Sometimes you even have to spend time with them post work hours.

The occasion can be a "party" (the ones where everyone is 100% sober are almost as bad as those where no one is anywhere near so), or some kind of awkward "team building" activity in the wilderness (where you WILL be terribly humiliated in front of that bitch from accounting in some stupid game) or simply that Friday after-work at the local pub, which you can't refuse because you don't want to be "that person".

Then there's those pesky 18th century themed balls, where you and your colleagues dress up in masquerade costumes, that your boss always want to drag you to every other year..!

Why, your boss don't?

Well, mine doesn't either, but technically she could, since there's a conference hotel in Sweden that does offer exactly this!

I didn't know this until today, when I found an ad while browsing a magazine. And it made my day, my week. Possibly my whole year.

The place where it happens is Sundbyholm Castle in Sudermania, a former residence of dukes and noblemen but nowadays a hotel and conference centre, a fate shared with many other historical buildings all over Sweden.

In this business, it's very important to find a niche to attract customers. Some go for spa and health themes; others offer gourmet dinners and exclusive wines, yet others tempt with fishing and hunting grounds.

And others (at least one) arrange 18th century-themed balls.

The hosts claim to have 225 eighteenth century-style costumes for the guests to choose from (quote: accurate and of high quality) for the "18th century Court-like ball".

Included in the price is, besides the hiring of costumes:

  • Drink at arrival
  • Red carpet
  • Cannon salute (3 rounds)
  • Private venue with beautifully arranged tables
  • 3-course dinner
  • Two glasses of wine
  • Song book
  • Coffee

Toast master and DJ(!) offered at an additional fee.

I'm in a good mood today, so I'm not going to be snarky. I'll just say that I'm glad that I work at a place with very few employees; so few that bigger events are out of the questions.

Here's the PDF pictured above with pictures, phone number and of course a testimonial from a former guest for those aspiring for the "Best boss of the year"-award (or worse, depending on your employees' taste).

It's in Swedish, but at the bottom there's a couple of pictures of happy guests. Gotta love the guy in the turban to the right.

Sewing related post coming next!

P.S. They also have Viking parties and Murder Mysteries.

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