10 Dec 2009

Info to the members of Historical Sewing Forum

...the rest of you can simply disregard this message...

The forum is being transferred to another hosting service and is therefore unavailable at the moment.

I had no idea that the transfer would occur so soon after I signed up with the new host, so I hadn't even time to inform the moderators, even less so the members.

But everything should be back to normal within 24 hours, I hope.

The good news is that the domain historicalsewingforum.com now has been purchased and should be up and running soon. So bookmark it now!


  1. Phew and wewt! I did indeed come to check your blog when I saw the forum was down - so thank you for putting our minds at rest! V excited for the domain, though :D

  2. I must confess I panicked a little. I didn't exactly run around in circles but I believe I had a pretty wild stare for some time :P

  3. So exciting! Typical though - I just sent someone to the forum!

  4. Very typical :D I hope s/he comes back, because we're up and running now! Woo-hoo!

  5. I'm having problems loading the forum..is this me or is it the website? I just had to buy a new computer and I bought a mac...would this have anything to do with it????

    I wanna troll the forum man..I'm having withdrawals

  6. God jul! (Jag vet inte var jag annars skulle framföra detta meddelande, så det får bli här. Hoppas att du ursäktar).

  7. Hey, I can't get into the forum at all :(
    Is it down completely or what is happening?
    I hope you had a great christmas and I wish you a happy new year!

  8. The link at the top of your page, Historical Sewing Forum, still tries to go to the old forum. I found the new one by typing
    historicalsewingforum.com directly into my navigation bar.

  9. That's embarrassing indeed! Try to live as you learn, madame B!

    Thank you Karen ;)