7 Dec 2009

Yesterday's Christmas dinner - with pictures

Yesterday evening was very pleasant.

The weather was most un-Christmasy with rain but that's how most winters are in Stockholm nowadays so it was only to be expected.

But the house, Kristinehovs Malmgård, was lit up both on the outside as well as within, which helped my spirits up. And they continued to rise with the aide of good company, entertainment, drinks and - food!

The traditional Swedish Christmas food is very rich and plentiful! It's served buffet style and with dozens and dozens of different dishes, it's next o impossible to try them all - especially when in stays! I was pretty full after only the cold dishes (pickled herring, salmon and other lovely things) and then there were tons of dessert!

Christmas trees was not too common in Sweden in the 18th century but not unheard of.

Someone spoke of a written source from 1741 mentioning a decorated tree with present beneath so the beautiful tree was not out of place.

There were many children present and I don't know if it was them or me who was the most fascinated by Gustafs Skål's mascot, the tiny rooster Gustaf!

He popped in for a quick visit, but thought himself better off with his three chicks in the hen house.

And I did finish my pet-en-l'air in time, althiugh I made the last stitches only withing hours from the start of the event.

Miss Ellinor did my hair and I think she did a pretty darn good job too, if you consider she never did anything like it before!

I wore my new stays for the first time (for more than just a couple of hours, that is) and believe I'm very pleased with them. They were really comfortable, even after a heavy dinner and that must be a good sign? And my shoes did not fall apart, although they weren't too comfortable. But a girl can't have everything...

The next event is Gustafs Skål's 12th Night Masquerade and there is this gown I desperately want to make but will I have the time? More about that later; tonight I'm working on a mini-project, a linen fichu, and I just finished 320 centimeters of rolled hems - fuuun!


  1. you look FANTASTICO. Man, what a lovely event. We don't have any dinners going on here in Reno...will have to fire up the ole' Great Basin Costume Society again and get something like this going.

  2. Thank you :) Of course you must - it would be a shame to have your lovely costumes locked up for no one to see!

  3. You look lovely! What a fun event :-) I love the space as well. Little Gustav looks so sweet. I have a soft spot for birds of all kinds :-)

  4. Oh, if I wasn't living in an apartment I'd definitely keep a couple of chickens and a rooster..! If I had understanding neighbours, that is.

  5. Eye candy! Looks so gorgeous, all of it and your gown is fantastic!

  6. It looks like a very pleasant evening, and your gown is lovely. So glad to hear the stays were comfortable for you. And well-done Miss Ellinor on the hair! Just beautiful all around Madame.

  7. You look terrific! Well done, both you and miss Ellinor :)

  8. What an amazing event! I'm so envious! And you look fab! That rooster is too cute! Felicity is going to have to be the Wellington costuming mascot :-)

  9. Comtesse& Lithia : Thank you so much :)From me and Miss E

    Aloha: She must! Cats and costumes ARE inseparable after all...

  10. Oh yay - you look fabulous! Great work from you an Miss Ellinor! You're going to have to loan her out to ladies in need of hair assistance.