4 Dec 2009

Shoes, fabric and a cat

Three lovely things indeed: a pair of shoes, lengths of fabric and the cat in my life!

Me and the cat are all by ourselves tonight. My DH is out with a friend (they were actually going to see Pete Doherty, but I just got a text message informing me that the sweet boy never showed up. Surprise, surprise...) and my stepdaughter is acting as a hostess at a Christmas dinner in an 18th century building (in costume of course!) just like I did last year. Sniff! They grow up so quickly these days...

That means that I can do lots of sewing without getting bad conscience for being anti-social on a Friday night. I really am going to have the pet-en-l'air finished on Sunday!

Anyhow - in the picture above you see the shoes I recovered about 200 years ago. They now have buckles (modern buckles, alas) and will also be worn for the first time on Sunday. I do hope that the heels will carry me all night since they're glued on. Maybe I should bring a spare pair of shoes, just in case?

You also see a newly-bought fabric (actually curtains) that found at one Salvation Army thrift/charity store. I'm quite in love with it and there's lots of tit but I haven't the slightest idea what to do with it. There just isn't that Instant Image in my mind when I look at it, but time will tell. Ideas and inspiration always welcome, of course!

And last, but not least, sweet Börjesson. I love him but he eats shoes and that's the truth! Only my shoes, and only dressy shoes. I don't know what's up with that. I have to put shoes I care about on a shelf 2 meters above the floor if I want them to stay safe from him. He likes to chew on the corners of books too, especially fancy coffee-table books. Why it's better not too keep those kind of books on the coffee table any more.

I hope y'all will have a good weekend, I know I will! I had the day off today (Friay) and won't get back to work until Tuesday! Mini-vacation FTW!

I'll try to take some pictures on the Christmas dinner on Sunday, beause this place lacks pictures badly these days. XXX


  1. Skorna ser ljuvliga ut, tyget är väldigt fint och kissekatten verkar väldigt GOSIG (tuggandet till trots)! *Stjäl honom.*

  2. The shoes look great, well done! Definitely take a spare pair though, it's better to have them and not need them than the reverse. The fabric just screams robe a l'anglais to me, like some of the Kyoto examples, but that's just my opinion. A pleasure, as always, Madame!

  3. Lovely shoes! And you did well to secure that beautiful fabric. Some idea will turn up, no doubt.

  4. Very lovely shoes and fabric! I can't wait to see your completed ensemble. I agree, the fabric does scream robe a l'anglais!!!

  5. I love the shoes! And it looks like Borjesson does too :)

  6. Oooh, love the shoes! And the fabric! There is a robe a la anglaise in the Musee de la Mode in Argentina that I think would look great in that fabric!

  7. Great fabric find! It made me think about this skirt and jacket from The Duchess:

  8. Thanks for all your suggestions! The fabric really DOES scream robe à l'Anglaise, doesn't it? It could become a gown for the summer, if there will be one...

    Lithia: That is also a very cute ensemble... I like these jacket-petticoat outfits quite a lot, I've realised.