9 Dec 2009

Mini-project completed. Now onto a big one. Of madness.

I started on this little linen fichu yesterday and completed it today. It's rather smallish since I only had scraps left of the fabric.

One day I want to make a BIG one, the kind that wraps around you! But that will have to be in a time when I have forgotten how tedious rolled hems can be.


And tonight it was time to start on my new project of madness...

It is going to be a dress heavily inspired by an extant gown belonging to the museum of Gothenburg.

This gown was in its turn inspired by the National Costume that was launched by king Gustaf III in 17778 (Read Isis's great post on it here), but this gown's first owner must have been a fashion-conscious lady for this gown shows very few traces of the National gown, like this one,

but the much more fashionable profile of the 1780's.

What I like about it are the simple lines and the lack of embellishments (I am going to leave out the bow in the back, I think) and that it's black! When I stumbled upon this dress I had had thoughts about a black robe á la Francaise but I quickly changed my mind.

So tonight I made a working toile for the bodice (I had a pattern I could alter so it wasn't too much work) and I then cut out the lining for the bodice. Then I went on an extended break, lasting until tomorrow evening, post-dinner.

The lining is of grey linen and I have lots and lots of black silk taffeta for the gown itself.

What I can't tell from the museum's vague description is if the back is cut en forreau or not. I think it is and I have decided to make it that way because it will look awesome!

So the only cloud on my sky, and the madness part of this project, is the deadline. 12th night. Yeah, I'm crazy but if there's hope and all that. I may be able to hire my poor relatives for some sweatshop work if things get out of hand.

Wish me luck?


  1. I love your new fichu! Can I steal it? ;)

    An en forreau back for that gown will indeed look awesome. Looking forward to the final product!

  2. Fichu, now again I learnt a new word. Looks lovely!

  3. Er... 12th as in 12th of december? Måste man skriva på engleska nuförtiden till dig? Klänningen ser magiskt fin ut. Och svart taffeta, det är bara ett för bra ord för att vara sant. Kör på ba. Taffeta taffeta taffeta choo-choo!

  4. Best of luck with the project, may your helpful relatives be abundant!

  5. Jag har länge varit svag för den svarta från Göteborgs museum! Mums!

    På tal om att "kopiera" klänningar från redan existerande plagg; Lovisa Ulrika (och säkert många andra damer) har en del fina porträttklänningar och en dag skulle jag vilja "kopiera" en av dem. Jag skulle tycka om att se tavlor komma till liv.

  6. I love the fichu! Good luck on your project :-)

  7. Gloria: Yes, but you have to fight me and my kittycat first!

    Floyd: I believe they're spelled "fischy" in Swedish so there's a bonus word for you

    Emma: Nej vännen, trettondagsafton är i januari vilket bara gör min deadline lite mindre vansinnig. Taffeta!

    Olympe: Thank you, I need all the luck you can spare!

    Lady AF: Porträttdräkter är helt underskattade, och jag uppmuntrar dig till 100% för att göra en "en dag"!

    Lauren: Thank you :) Can I borrow some of your skill/speed-combo plz?

  8. That dress is so gorgeous! Your version is going to be amazing! I want one too! Do you mind if I add it to my project pile? I promise not to wear it to the same events as you ;-)

  9. In that case, it's OK with me...

    No, seriously, it would be wonderful if be both made the gown, and then we could see how each of us interpreted (although you're a much more skilled seamstr... dreamstress than I am, so my gown would look pretty bland in comparison probably... But that's fine with me ;)

  10. I love those dresses! I love the medieval era!

  11. Nice they seems like the fashion in japan, the famous lolitas, they dress with this dresses with some kind of gothic style, which is very nice.