30 Dec 2009

More forum information

Hi all forum members,

I hope your Holidays have been great and I also take the opportunity to wish you one heck of a New Year!

And on to the business: not only the forum but the server as whole are experiencing problems, as you may have noticed.

I have contacted support and was assured things would be back within 48 hours. Those hours have not yet expired so I will will try to keep my patience and also keep in mind that there were and are holidays going on which may slow things down. Annoying, but everything IT-related is or so I' starting to believe.

But I hope we all will meet again in 2010, with or without new costuming resolutions!

Take care of yourself and have a smashing New Year's Eve!


  1. Thank you for the update, my dear. How frustrating, but try not to stress about it too much and just have a wonderful New Year's Eve, instead!

  2. Though not a member of the Forum, I wish you a Happy New Year!

  3. Oh,good to now that they are working on it.
    Just let this go no now and have a happy new year!

  4. I hope they fix it soon. I miss it!!! I need motivation to start sewing!

    God Nytt År! (Did I spell that right?) :)